Phil Collen of Def Leppard to produce new Tesla single. Talks Delta Deep, Def Leppard & Autobiography

Phil Collen, lead guitarist of British rock band Def Leppard & alternative roots/rock band Manraze, called into The GuitCast podcast recently to talk about his side new project 'Delta Deep', the new self titled Def Leppard album, his book 'Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond' and producing a new single for fellow rockers Tesla.

Started as an extreme blues project, Delta Deep has been likened to “Aretha Franklin & Chaka Khan performing with Led Zeppelin”. Phil’s love and appreciation for the blues since childhood enabled him to move forward quickly with the band’s inception in 2012. Collen met vocalist Debbi Blackwell-Cook in 2010. She not only performed at his wedding but is also his wife Helen’s godmother. Blackwell-Cook’s performance history includes theatre, a stint as lead singer in an 80’s r-n-b band, background vocalist for Michael Buble and Gregory Hines and singing for Pope John Paul II.  After the wedding Debbi visited Phil and Helen often in California. Pretty soon Phil and Debbi were singing Motown tunes and classic blues numbers around the house. Debbi also eventually sang on several Manraze releases and currently loans background harmonies to the 2015 self-titled Def Leppard album, their first release in eight years. She and Phil began performing live locally including a special performance at San Diego’s Gerson Institute and a television broadcast for UTV.

Stone Temple Pilots’ bassist Robert DeLeo lends his fiery and melodic bottom end sounds to the group’s diversified catalog. DeLeo’s love of jazz & Motown styled rhythm & blues offers a stealthy foundation that allows Delta Deep to showcase a dramatic range of untouchable musical movement. Drummer Forrest Robinson, who has roots in heavy metal and played for The Crusaders, Joe Sample, TLC, and India.Arie completes the quartet.

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Avoiding the 'sex, drugs, rock n' roll' cliches, Collen looked to Keith Richards & Mike Tyson's biographies as blueprints for his own. 'Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond' tells the story of Collen's life up to now while keeping the focus on his personal journey. Phil says "I didn't throw anyone under the bus...I kept it all pretty much above it really".

Collen has also produced a new single for fellow rockers Tesla to be released summer of 2016. Collen says; "Me, Debbie [Delta Deep] and Helen [Collen's wife] wrote this thing and played it to the guys in Tesla and they thought "yeah, we could do that"'. He continues; "It reminds me of classic Tesla with a touch of early 70's Stones vibe but a bit rockin' than that. It's really cool."

For more information about Delta Deep go to and for the latest Def Leppard news.

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