Youtube's Greg Bolomey, Keith Richards, Danny Gatton, Tony MacAlpine and Legos is the home of our latest guest Gregory Bolomey. A nice guy with a 30,000 subscribed base on his youtube channel. On episode 35 he helped me understand the world of youtube's guitar culture. Corbs of course is more versed in this world yet for me, it's a new thing. Making a living on youtube, sounds lovely......mostly because I would never have to wear pants again.

I thought the new Keith Richards documentary 'Under the Influence' was a great. Nice to peel away the tabloid image away and see the true musician.  Blues, Country, 50's Rock N' Roll, etc... all rolled into one guy...but I still don't get the Reggae thing.  A great smokers laugh & still has a love for the music that sparked that initial interest so many years ago. Musically, someone to look up to. Seems happy at this point in his life. 

Danny Gatton.jpg

Another documentary that is yet to be released is 'Anacostia Delta' about legendary Country guitarist Danny Gatton. Known as "The Humbler" for his way of humbling new arrivals to Nashville who dared to go note for note, Gatton is, in my mind, the perfect image of a 'honky tonk' guitarist. Always respected by his peers yet never reaping the financial rewards, he unexpectedly committed suicide in 1994. To appreciate his talent, check out his 'Licks and Tricks' videos on youtube.

We wish Tony MacAlpine a speedy recovery in his battle with colon cancer. His new album is 'Concrete Gardens', out now.  Great album by a true icon of the 80's neo-classical movement.


I declined to mock the Lego guitar builders out of solidarity considering my recent victimization by Corbs' After my recent purchase of a wonderfully playable and affordable yet incredibly ugly bass, I figured it would be hypocritical of me to point fingers. The Cort-Steinberger bass was bought to punch up the show's music which came off thin to my ear at times. It does indeed play like a dream though. It's an 80's model  so I'll need to re-vamp the electronics but hard to beat for a pawn shop special.

In all it's glory...


Corbs seemed pleased with the 'Zoom G5 Guitar Multi-Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal'. I'm just glad I don't have to learn all the bells and whistles. listen to his review to see how it all works.

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