Episode 33: Fender's new Chief Digital Products Officer, Interchangeable Pickups, the Thimble Slide and a Gittler Guitar

In episode 33 on The GuitCast we open with a discussion on Fender's new Chief Digital Products Officer, Ethan Kaplan, hired to to you from quitting guitar. If you're reading this it's very likely you don't need help in that area however it's the 90% who, according to Fender, will stop playing after the first year.

No doubt it's fun to learn a few chords & strum along to your favorite song while striking a cool pose but it takes work to get to that next level and become proficient as a player.  Fender aims to ease that transition with new gadgets, apps and whatever else may be up their sleeve. A new tuning app seems to be the focal point right now. After Gibson's less than popular 'G-Force'  attempt at innovation, we're eager to see if Fender will fare better.

Does the above look ridiculous to you? Then you might like the "new" concept from Strassell Guitars. Interchangeable pickups, from humbuckers to single coils to P-90's. Pickups snap in just like a long lost video game cartridge. Seems I was more impressed than Corbs, hear his thoughts on episode 33. If you really feel impressed, go to their crowd funding page & help them out.

The Thimble Slide was another product we seemed split on. Yes there are similar products on the market but I thought this was well done, not to mention it looks cool. Play slide without losing the use of your finger for fretting. It's use is limited to either two of three strings depending on which style you buy however a great compromise for those of us who've avoided taking slide playing too serious because of lost finger use. Help them out on their kickstarter page and it's inventor, Cole Coleman, can feel free to send a couple for review. 

If the above is for you, by all means spend  the $4,000+. It's a leap into the future that I'm just not ready to make however that doesn't mean you won't make it sound awesome. Enjoy!

Corbs reviews the Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special and of course our guest this week is shred master Chris Broderick. Formerly of Megadeth his new band 'Act of Defiance' is an insanely 'metal' debut with great playing throughout. Chris tells us about his beginnings, what his formal guitar education adds to his playing & how Act of Defiance came together.

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