Alice Cooper band guitarist Nita Strauss Working On Solo Album and Her First Signature Model Guitar (Maybe)

Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles based guitar shredder for the Alice Cooper band, took time out of her touring schedule to join Shawn and Corbs of The GuitCast podcast to talk about touring, guitars, a solo album, joining Alice Cooper's band and meeting Johnny Depp's dogs at the actor's home studio in Los Angeles.

Having dazzled audiences across the world in the US, Europe, South America, Asia Australia and Africa, Nita became the in-house guitarist for the Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons owned football team 'LA KISS' where she was scouted by legendary record producer Bob Ezrin and long time Alice Cooper manager Shep Gordon. Seeing her exceptional guitar talents and stage presence as a good fit, she spoke on the GuitCast about getting the call to meet Alice in the studio only to find out later it was actually Johnny Depp's house along with his now famous dogs so recently all over the Australian news. 

While still tight lipped, Strauss hinted about the possibility of her own signature guitar in the not too distant future. She said "I've been with Ibanez for about 7 years and they're the only company who's guitars I've wanted to play." As for the details she continued; "Lets be honest, every guitar player knows what their signature model would be". "There's definitely going to be a lot of my own ideas. To implement all of my ideas I will need 4 or 5 signature guitars."

While the previously mentioned Ezrin initially tried to move her in the direction of a more traditional style guitar, Strauss instead moved on to Ibanez 'S' Series guitars which surely fit nicely with her hot pink Ibanezz 777 model and Blackstar amplifiers she describes as "great versatile sounds. High gain enough but also clean & crunchy enough."

Alice Cooper will continue their current tour with Motley Crue for another European and USA run after which Strauss will focus on her solo album currently being recorded in her Los Angeles home studio.

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