The new Marshall London Smart Phone, shameless cash grab or industrious innovation?

Marshall London

When I first heard about the new Marshall Smart Phone I shook my head in disgust.  Marshall has been kicking out top quality amps since pretty much the dawn of modern rock but making the leap to something like a smart phone seemed like a bit of stretch and I was certain that this was just some kind of branding stunt.  Upon researching the details of this new venture by the British amp giant, I discovered that there is much more to this.   The more I learn about the Marshall London, the more I become convinced that they may be on to something.  I'm not saying I'm ready to ditch my iPhone 6 just yet but when upgrade time comes around again, Apple will have some serious competition for my personal smart phone choice.  Be sure to listen to GuitCast episode 26 for the full scoop.

Dave Murry Loaded Pickguard

Amongst our other great stories on episode 26, we talked about the new Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard from Seymour Duncan.  Personally, when I replace pickups in guitar, I prefer to experiment with various mixes and matches to see what kind of new cool tones I can get.  That being said, one of my all time favorite pickups is the Seymour Duncan Hotrails and in this loaded pick guard you get two of these split with a JB in the center wired up and ready to go.  The official price has yet to be released but it's pretty safe bet that it will be a much better value than the sum of the parts.  Great tone, great value, less hassle.

Ibanez RG3250

We also reviewed the Ibanez RG Prestige.  There's a lot to be said here and you should check out the full review.  Needless to say, I am a pretty big fan of Ibanez and they have been amongst my go to work horse guitars for quite some time now.  My biggest issue with the current line up is the absence of the Zero Point System.  I know I'm nearly alone on this but I do like this bridge and while it certainly has it's quirks and short comings, it is a valuable tool that I employ frequently and have come to rely upon.  I'm not suggesting that it should be incorporate into all of their models but I do feel that they should have it as an option for at least a few selected models.  Hopefully they have plans for this or something better in the future.

Brad Marr Massive

Last, but certainly not least, I want to mention Brad Marr from Massive.  For those of you that don't know, Massive is outstanding hard rock group that hails from Australia.  Brad was an awesome guest and we had a lot of fun with that interview.  If you think rock is dead or dying, think again because it is alive a well in the form of a band that truly lives up to their name.  Be sure to catch the full interview with Brad and check out their album, Full Throttle.

That's my brain for this week,