Episode 29 Show Notes

On this weeks episode of The GuitCast we opened the show talking about The Hollywood Vampires, the new 'supergroup' consisting of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and a special guest list that's impressive. The project, based on Alice's old drinking club from the late 60's, has us eagerly awaiting the guitar debut of Johnny Depp and hope for the best. What does a Johnny Depp guitar solo sound like? Tapping or some blues bends? No one knows. In the meantime he's a video of him playing with Gene Simmons (KISS) and Gilby Clarke (ex-Guns N' Roses). It still doesn't tell us much but about his playing though.


Meth heads stealing tone woods are a problem in the American Northwest apparently. I had no idea. It's amazing how hard some people will work in order to not work. Apparently that beautiful maple flame or quilt top is becoming an endangered species since drug addicts are poaching maple trees and selling the illegal woods to furniture makers and guitar manufacturers. Is a nice veneer the answer? Maybe 3D printed guitars will be arriving just in time for the next wave of guitar innovation. I do know there's not a lot of bragging rights in a photo-flame and it's hard to replicate beauty like this.

A Fender Stratocaster fact I didn't know. Fender is pretty good at being cost efficient while Gibson....well, they're Gibson. While they provide quality, iconic instruments they come with an equally iconic price tag. The first Fender Strats sold for $249.50 in 1954. In 2015 currency that about $2190.00. Considering your average American Standard Stratocaster will cost you about $1000.00, that means the cost of producing a Strat has been just about cut in half by Fender. Gibson, who's Les Paul sold for roughly the same price is slightly above inflation. (Sorry, I should have warned you there would be math.)


A lot of things on the '30 most important guitar products of the last 30 years' that I'd never even heard of. Yes I know, I'm the technically challenged one of the team however I dare say there are some things on the list you've never heard of either. Take a look for yourselves and leave a comment if you think something was overlooked.

The Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster stands out as a great advancement in the guitar industry as did the Ibanez RG while I thought the Parker Fly, while an outstanding instrument was getting too much credit for it's cultural impact. Corbs disagreed & made a strong case for the opposition.

Lots of pedals and gadgets made the list so feel free to click the Amazon links to your right & pick one you like. 

Corbs reviewed the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster Head 100-watt. Great amp if you can afford it, many can't.

Dave Tipple of Bobaflex called into the show to tells us about how he joined the group, their equipment being stolen recently & their new album 'Anything That Moves'. Dave's a nice guy and his playing on the new album is impressive. I'm sure we'll hear more from him in the future. 


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