The Fierce And The Dead are just fine with the 'Progressive Rock' label

Members Matt Stevens and bassist Kevin Feazey of the London based band "The Fierce And The Dead" called into The GuitCast podcast recently to discuss their new album 'Magnet' among other topics such as their writing process, the current state of the music business and their choice of musical equipment. They confess that they have no problem with the label "progressive rock" although they refuse to be defined by it. When asked to describe their music bass player Feazey said  "We genuinely started this band without any idea what is was going to be." continuing he stated "People frame you as whatever it is they like...and that's absolutely fine".

While their previous album 'Spooky Action' was recorded in four days, this one took a bit longer. When asked about the recording process for 'Magnet' Kevin said that much of the album was previously recorded by the band but had to be re-recorded after they found the of the album unsatisfying. Kevin declared "Our mantra, we it comes to recording is 'we get it right'. If it means a delay or holding back then so be it."

Recording under the 'Bad Elephant' recording label, the band praised their label for taking the day to day drudgery of being in a professional recording and touring band out of their hands and allows them to concentrate on being musicians. While many artist are looking for alternative routes to produce their music, The Fierce And The Dead said they shy away from the 'kickstarter' campaigns that other artists are experimenting with at the moment. Stevens said "It took us a long time to get this loyal audience, I'm not about to go messing about now."

The Fierce And The Dead – guitarists Matt Stevens and Steve Cleaton, bassist and producer Kev Feazey and drummer Stuart Marshall – was originally born out of sonic experimentation when making Matt’s second solo album, Ghost, and they’ve developed into one of the most original bands in the UK rock scene. Their unique brand of instrumental rock music, fusing rock, post-rock, punk and progressive elements, has made a big impression through albums and their incendiary live performances.

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