Episode 23

On Episode 23 of the GuitCast we talk how guitarist's brain's are wired. Are we smarter than the average person or simply better looking?...Tough call.

How many guitars do you really need? Not sure we settled the argument but "just one more" is always a good start. You can only play one at a time unless you're Michael Angelo Batio.  

Nitro vs Poly finish. Does it affect your tone or just make you look cooler in 15 years? We have our opinions, what's yours?

A hall of acoustic guitars played by tiny motors with fans attached.....modern art or wasted time? Hear it for yourself.

The Duo-Lectar Double-Neck "Touch Guitar" was invented in 1958 but never took off. Hear it in the last news segment.

The Epiphone SGE 220VS is a budget acoustic that we review this week. Corbs seemed to like it for the money, I think you can do better and make my recommendation. 

Russ Hewitt talks flamenco guitar with us. A new world for us & I would guess most of our listeners. Interesting to learn about a new genre overlooked by many of us until now.