The Latest 12/06/2015

On episode 45 of the GuitCast we talk mostly acoustics this week. 

Ed Stilley was a farmer in rural Arkansas when he started making his homemade instruments for friends, family and the children of his community. He became a local legend & his instruments are celebrated for their unique artistry & homespun innovation. Using what woods & materials were available, he made over 200 guitars, fiddles & dulcimers using everything from a rusty door hinge to aerosol cans over a 25 year period. Some of Stilley's surviving instruments below: 

Justin Timberlake has "gone country" as many pop stars approaching middle age seems to do. His country debut was finished off with a charity auction when the Gibson SJ-200 played by Tiberlake went for $10,000 to benefit the USO. It's always nice to see something go for a high price for charity but considering the SJ-200 went for about $5000 without Timberlake, I'm guessing it was expected to go higher.....and yes, I realize I said "EJ-200" on the show. It's the cheap-skate in 

Speaking of expensive guitars, I walked down the list of the 11  most expensive acoustic guitars in the world. I expected most of the to be average guitar that happened to be held by someone famous but was pleasantly surprised that many we held in such high esteem simply for their artistry & craftsmanship.  wo standouts are the D'Aquisto Blue Centaur and the D'Angelico New Yorker Teardrop below:

Keeping it acoustic, I went over a few slide guitar tips this week. A dedicated slide guitar, a well fitting slide & choosing the proper finger to place the slide are critical to a smooth transition into this unique & expressive style of playing.

I reviewed in place of our typical gear review. Trying to find affordable parts can be challenging if you're a do-it-yourself type. GuitarFetish gives you a wide variety of guitars, basses, cases, accessories, hardware, etc... for a good price. I compare them with others such as and Check them all out and make up your own mind.

I closed out with a song from Flying Colors featuring Steve Morse. No interview this week and since he's been one of my favorites, I included it at the end. Great song from a great band.

Next week will be back to a more familiar format. I'm recording interviews this week and looking into a new segment to highlight different products. If you have a product or service you think is beneficial to guitarists, email me at and we'll see about a segment for the show. As long as if offers our audience something of value, I'll consider it.

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