Episode 38: Sunflower Dead, Arlington Guitar Show, Aluminum Cabinets and Moral Dilemmas

   On episode 38 of The GuitCast we opened the show talking about the annual Arlington Guitar Show held in Arlington, TX. Like most guitars shows the crowd was older males with a few dedicated young guitarists & many wives looking mostly bored. Corbs and I discuss how that bodes for the future of the industry or if it means anything at all. What did the average guitar show crowd look like in 1996? We're still here celebrating the same instrument we fell in love with.

   What decides the difference between "vintage" and someone else's old junk? Other than price it's hard to tell. We all know how crazy old Gibsons and Fenders (as mentioned on the show, I'm kicking myself for ruining a $350 guitar in 1985 that now goes for about $1600) can get but 1980's Kramers seem to be on the rise these days. One booth was half 80's Kramers with prices up to $5,000. There has to be some "old skool" hair metal guys searching their closet for some Eddie Van Halen inspired gold, no doubt some will find it.

   Lots of deals on good, if scuffed, parts for those of us who prefer to make our own custom axes. Again, the line between "vintage" and junk is often blurred. How can illegible autographs possibly add to the value of a guitar? I saw them everywhere adding $100 to guitars that weren't worth much more. Had they told me they were signed by Mozart and I couldn't prove them wrong. I would rather have a clean body, or nicely reliced (sorry Corbs), myself.

 The 'GuitCaster''

The 'GuitCaster''

  Speaking of blank slates, I bought a 'Fender' decal for my Warmoth custom strat neck while at the show. While Corbs thinks it's the height of hypocrisy for me, an avowed promoter of affordable guitars, to care what name brand is on my guitar's headstock, it just looked unfinished without the 'Fender' logo. It's hard to argue with him of course but for the $20 they were being sold for, it was a hard temptation to pass up. I'll never sell it so my conscience is clean it'll never be passed off as a fake however no doubt there's a problem with some unscrupulous people doing just that. To make myself feel better, I used the wrong logo for the CBS Fender headstock...that makes it ok right?

 Pay no attention to the Diet Mountain Dew addiction...

Pay no attention to the Diet Mountain Dew addiction...

   The Freedom One wireless system for $100 (or less) sounds like a nice Christmas gift to myself. Not professional quality but it'll get you in the door. 660 Guitars impressed Corbs. Real artistry using aluminum instead of wood & a graphite neck is one of the ways people are looking for new ways to innovate as tone woods become harder and harder to come by.

   We also discuss the new Bogner video (below) introducing their Atma speaker cabinet to accompany the Atma amp head. The first half of the video is what I can only imagine a Scientology indoctrination video would look like however the second half  shows how the cabinets are made and lets you hear music recorded using it. Interesting idea I look forward to hearing in person.

   We left the news with a cool video demonstrating what heavy metal songs sound like without distortion (below). Corbs reviewed the 'Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box' and we talked with Jaboo from Sunflower Dead. Their album 'It's Time To Get Weird' is out October 30th. Hear the single "Dance With Death" at the end of the show.

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